About Us

DataCore incorporated back in 2007 in Jeddah. We extended our presence to Riyadh in 2010 beginning intend to pioneer in the field of complete network solutions, systems integration, cabling infrastructure, point-to-point wireless networks and network consultancy. We have enough experienced workforce specialized in various areas of IT works from major ISPs and top technology companies inside KSA.
Technology Integrator

DataCore delivers a range of specialized information and communication technology products. We are technology integrators and solution providers with an outstanding portfolio of products, services and solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes that require true technical expertise to meet their goals. The company has strategic alliances with industry leading vendors and providers. We seek to provide the best, optimal and cost effective solutions that connect the digital world of technology and business world.


Our portfolio of products and services provides our customers with cost effective and resilient business computing solutions with extended technical support from a single supplier. We believe that the IT, communication and audio visual industries are converging. We aim at creating customized integrated solutions and provide total IT solutions to all business establishments. Whether you plan on revamping your existing infrastructure, focusing on your core business or starting up a marijuanna new venture DataCore provides you with a complete spectrum of services which includes cabling (data, electrical), point-to-point wireless connectivity, servers, complete data center solutions, biometric solutions, CCTV solutions, security cameras, complete network solutions which includes Microsoft, Cisco, HP products.

Technical Help

DataCore will assist with the entire project from design to installation and after sales support. We provide a source of advice that you can trust. Our business advisors understand your challenges and how effective IT and communications can help to address them. Our main aim is to make your business more successful through better productivity, lower costs, greater competitiveness and improved responsiveness and flexibility. Utilizing technology efficiently can sometimes require a broad range of expertise. These solutions may also require the integration of diverse products and collaborative efforts. Our pre-sales team of trained staff can assist in the complete IT procurement process and take into account your specific technical, operational and budgetary restrictions and guide you to the most cost effective solution.

About Us
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We know our strong sides and constantly improving our skills and knowledge. We know our strong sides and constantly

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We have powerful products which can help you for managing your digital services. Start your journey by selecting one of our products and get promising and secure system for your digital products and services.