A PA System is a system made up of an input source like a microphone, amplifiers, speakers and a controller. It allows you to communicate from a central panel to multiple or single areas in a building. You can assign zones which enables the ability to specify areas that will receive the broadcast announcement, alarm or page.

DataCore can provide you with different multizone solutions for public address systems. It can combine and tailor elements of a system to practically fit any application. It can deliver a wide range of brands having proficient audio systems like microphones, amplifiers, speakers, etc. DataCore can also supply, develop and design various PA/VA (Public Address and Video Alarm) systems.

The main objective of Data core is to provide its customers with integrated, easy to use and EN-54 certified PA/VA solutions. It can also provide you with a group of professionals that will work with integrity to help its customers in all projects by finding perfect PA/VA solutions. Data core can do so as it is associated with world leaders of PA systems

PA System in Buildings / Open areas :

An effective public address system that could be used for early-warning or instructing the public to evacuate from the danger zone is essential. DataCore designed the PA system with possibilities of rapid live announcements and automatically triggered emergency alarms and notifications to a specific area or large areas, to ensure in all circumstances people are informed.

Back Ground Music [BGM]

To create a comfortable and pleasant environment for the customers and visitors, background music would always be the best choice for the shopping centers, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and other commercial premises. DataCore provides flexible choices for the business operators with all possibilities of background music applications

PA System in Industrials

Industrial facilities, warehouses, etc. are generally noisy, and it is very complex to design an appropriate Public Address system for these facilities. DataCore is capable and has good experience in designing and installing PA systems in such premises.